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Learning OrganizationA Learning Organization (LO) describes an adaptable organization reacting to outer and inner attractions. The concept is used in the development of organizations. A Learning Organization is ideally a system which is permanently in action. Events are grasped as a suggestion and used for developments to dapt the knowledge base and scopes of action to new requirements. This is based on an open and individual organization, which permits and supports problem solving by an innovative way. Methods for such learning processes are:

  • clear visions, common target processes, orientation at the benefits for the customers
  • co-operation and conflict solution ability, mutual confidence and team spirit
  • process orientation and self regulation of groups
  • democratic and participative style of management, support of news ideas (e.g. by the leadership), idea management, integration of human capital and organization development.
  • reward for engagement and tolerance of mistakes in risky plans
  • ability for (self) observation and forecast (well operating information and communication systems - quick and detailed summary of the effect of the most important processes).

C.R.E.A.M. Europe regards particularly all projects groups which want to take part, just take part or have taken part in EU programs and EU projects as a Learning Organizations (LOs). C.R.E.A.M. Europe itself is a Learning Organization (LO) and based on:

  • knowledge management
  • project management
  • process management
  • future management

The aim of the work is the simplification of complexity and faster realization of:



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