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Skopje, Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of Ethnic Groups in Eastern Eur
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Senior (5+ years of experience)
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C.R.E.A.M. Country Manager Macedonia

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The Country Manager is tasked with the establishment of a PPP Unit for the C.R.E.A.M. Macedonia PPP Alliance. This challenging position will require both organisational skills as well as an ability to deal with a variety of stakeholders at a senior level and from a background of deep experience and wide understanding of private financing of infrastructure.The key deliverables of the Country Manager are to:

a) Establish a fully functional PPP Unit that is capable of ensuring that the needs of the C.R.E.A.M. Macedonia PPP Alliance are met when it comes to a PPP programme that delivers projects that are sustainable and financed and delivered by the private sector

b) Ensure that PPP projects are prepared for competitive market bidding in such a way that all financial and risk components are adequately identified, quantified and allocated in a manner consistent with prescribed methodologies.

c) Provide assistance to line ministries at all stages of a project lifecycle-In the preparation of initial project investment proposals for projects that could be suitable for PPP, the appointment of transaction advisors to assist in the project preparation feasibility study, ensuring the study is of adequate quality for review; ensuring the financing structure is sound and the involvement of State Financial Institutions is appropriate; ensuring bidding documents are suitable for market issuance; assisting the Line Ministry with bidding processes and bidder ; assisting the Line Ministry with negotiation and award of the PPP contract and assisting the Line Ministry with contract management

d) Assist the Ministry of Finance in establishing and managing a Project Development Facility for the provision of funding for transaction advisors as set out below.

e) Develop standard methodologies for PPP project preparation, competitive bidding, negotiation and contract management of PPP contracts and to ensure these are applied.

f) These would include methodologies related to:

-Project inception including screening for PPPs and Terms of Reference (ToR) for transaction advisors -PPP Feasibility Studies

-PPP Bidding Documents -Negotiation Guidelines -PPP Contract Management

g) Develop Standard PPP Contract Provisions. The development of these is a very intensive process requiring consultation and negotiation of risk issues with public and private sector bodies.

h) Assist the MoF in the approval of PPP projects in accordance with the budget code requirements by providing expert advice on the structuring of the projects and the allocation of risk to the private sector in the review of the feasibility studies. This would be required to ensure that the approving authorities make their decisions on the best information on costs, revenues and risks

i) Assist the Ministry of Finance (MoF) in the identification, quantification and management of fiscal risks arising from PPP projects.

j) Provide practical advice to the PPP policies and practices;

k) Provide training to all Ministries, departments and agencies on PPP preparation, procurement and management and

l) Be responsible for required stakeholder interactions with public and private sector institutions and companies to ensure that the C.R.E.A.M. PPP programme is well coordinated, marketed and represented at a very senior level.



The Country Manager must be a strong leader, with experience in project finance at a senior level capable of both developing a strong PPP Unit and engaging with public and private sector stakeholders at the highest level.

a) 10 to 15 years of successful and verifiable experience in as a senior management position with a reputable investment company/ bank or project sponsor

b) Preferably a post graduate qualification in finance with a supplementary Business Administration qualification

c) Must be a top class manager who is driven and proactive

d) Must be able to lead large teams with complex task requirements

e) Must be able to analyze and solve complex problems

f) Must have a balanced personality with excellent communication and interpersonal skills

g) Comfortable with public speaking and dealing with media


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