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FH Salzburg

Campus Urstein - Urstein Süd 1
Puch - Salzburg
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The Fachhochschule Salzburg (FHS) Salzburg University of Applied Sciences - offers interdisciplinary, bachelor and master programmes geared to the needs of the labour market in the innovation-oriented areas of Information Technologies, Business and Tourism, Media and Design, Health Studies and Social Work as well as Wood and Biogene Technologies.

FHS actively participates in the European Higher Education Area and the international scientific community to assure and increase its academic quality within the framework of the following strategic objectives: i) employability of graduates as experts in high demand in their fields at the European and international labour market that are still aware of their regional roots ii) fostering of a stimulating and open-minded campus atmosphere iii) sustenance of values of mature European citizens, who are open for new and diverse developments and who act responsibly and sustainably in accordance with the European Union as a peace-keeping community.

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